Selfhelp Community Services, in association with Menemsha Films, presents

Witness Theater: The Film

We welcome you to take a look behind the scenes into a year-long therapeutic journey. You will see stories of loss, struggle and lives rebuilt and the healing power of intergenerational relationships.   

Claudine's mother jumped to her death in Paris as the Nazis approached. Aron's best friend lay down next to his father on a forced march and was shot. Eazek's mother and sister were loaded onto a train to Treblinka as he was pulled off the line and saved. These are stories told to high school students in New York - as the Survivors explain how they remain full of joy and hope. Now they are sharing their stories in a unique program led by a drama therapist. Can the Survivors sensitize the students and give themselves some closure after all these years. Can the students create a play which will resonate with audiences? Can the experiences of one person ever be truly understood by another?