First picture in Israel - 1946.jpg
Elizaveta in a traditional Hungarian dress, Kiev, 1948.jpg
On the boat from Czech to Israel - 1945.jpg
1930 -Her father and brother at the shop.jpg
1947 - Before letting them out of the ship.jpg
1949 (20yo) In the Israeli army.jpg
1933- Ernest's family , cousins, Czech.jpg
Perla (Mom), Esther (sister), Shuje (father), Mony( brother) 1920 Berlin, Germany before leaving for Argentina.jpg
Khana in kindergarten in a celebration - Soroka, 1938.jpg
February 19, 1952 Aron (21yo) &Cipora (18yo) married in Beit Shan, Israel.jpg
Khana (in pajamas) in city of Soroka, 1938.jpg
Khana's brother in the army.jpg
Stepbrother Chaim named after Khana's grandfather  and cousin Faga named after Khana's grandmother (the grandparents were killed in Soroka by the Germans).jpg
Agnes in 1950- Tel Aviv.jpg